How to get your criminal record expunged under Michigan’s new ‘Clean Slate’ laws

New Michigan laws went into effect April 11 that allow certain convictions to be expunged

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New Michigan laws are making it easier for residents who have committed nonviolent crimes to get their records wiped clean.

Michigan’s new “Clean Slate” legislation, signed into law last fall, went into effect on Sunday, April 11, providing opportunities for some residents to apply to have their criminal record expunged.

You can find all the necessary paperwork and information on the state’s website right here to apply to set aside convictions.

Michigan residents seeking to have a serious misdemeanor or felony conviction set aside can submit an application after five years. Individuals seeking to have more than one felony conviction set aside can submit an application after seven years.

Michigan residents who have been convicted of one or more misdemeanor marijuana offense can now apply to have the conviction set aside -- only if the offense would not be considered illegal if it were to have been committed after December 6, 2018, when recreational marijuana use became legal for adults in the state.

The new laws also declare that multiple felony offenses or misdemeanor offenses must be considered one offense (if they occurred at the same time) in an application for expungement, so long as they are not categorized as assaultive. Individuals cannot have more than two felony convictions or four misdemeanor convictions set aside during their lifetime.

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