Michigan expected to announce more steps ‘to get back to normal’ in ‘coming days or week’

Governor’s office believes it ‘can begin taking even greater steps to get back to normal’

An open sign in the window of a business.
An open sign in the window of a business.

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s office says Michiganders should expect further steps toward reopening the state and getting back to normal within the coming days or week.

On April 29, Whitmer and her administration revealed the “MI Vacc To Normal” plan, which tied the easing of restrictions to four vaccine-triggered goals. Once Michiganders reached certain milestones, more of the state would reopen.

So far, Michigan has only reached the first of those four goals -- 55% of people ages 16 and up receiving at least one dose of the vaccine. That happened on May 10, so the restrictions tied to that milestone are set to expire May 24. The two-week gap is designed to allow the vaccines to take effect.

But since then, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention has changed its recommendations for fully vaccinated people. The CDC’s decision came after studies supported the effectiveness of the vaccines.

How does this change affect the MI Vacc To Normal plan? Michigan is currently at 56.5% of people 16 and up who have received a dose, and the second threshold in the plan is triggered at 60%.

Here’s a statement from Michigan’s governor’s office:

“We know that the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines are the best way for people to protect themselves. That’s why Gov. Whitmer originally launched the MI Vacc to Normal plan to encourage vaccinations and set a clear path back to normal. With the CDC recommending that fully vaccinated people can safely return to normal life, we feel confident that our state can begin taking even greater steps to get back to normal now that a majority of Michiganders have received their vaccine. I would expect an announcement in the coming days or week.”

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