Cats more popular pet than dogs in Michigan, survey says

Time2play survey finds dog, cat popularity evenly split across US

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It’s a debate as old as time, and one we’re not even going to try to settle: Are cats or dogs better pets?

Nearly everyone seems to have a strong take on the topic, leaning heavily one way or another -- except for those who are smack dab in the middle, of course.

A new survey asked people across the United States what kind of pet they owned, a cat or a dog, to see which pet is the most popular in each state. The results? Sort of all over the place ... literally.

Here’s what was found.

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Michigan is a cat state

According to a survey conducted by Time2play, pet owners in Michigan are more likely to own a cat than a dog. Researchers did not provide specific numbers for their findings, but did label Michigan as a “cat state” based on their survey responses.

The group says they surveyed more than 3,000 pet owners throughout the nation, and the responses were neck and neck: 25 states are thought to have more cat owners, while 25 states are thought to have more dog owners.


The rest of the Midwest does appear to favor cats, with a few “dog states” sprinkled in. Dogs seem to be the more popular pet in southern states, excluding Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

While dogs and cats are tied for popularity across the nation, dog owners did take the majority in one category.

The survey asked pet owners if they share photos of their beloved animal on social media. Among the respondents, more dog owners reported that they post pictures of their pets than cat owners did.


Michiganders: Do you feel like these findings are true? Do you think Michigan is truly a cat state?

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