Michigan UIA to modernize computer systems in effort to ‘streamline’ claims processing

New unemployment insurance agency system should be operational in 2025

In an effort to help “streamline” the processing of claims, the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency will receive a new computer system within the next few years.

The Michigan UIA announced Tuesday, Nov. 15, a plan to install a “modern, innovative, user-focused unemployment insurance computer system” that will replace the existing system used by those receiving unemployment benefits, those working for the UIA and employers who pay unemployment taxes. Deloitte is under a 10-year contract worth more than $78 million to design and install the new computer system, officials said.

The new system should be up and running sometime in 2025.

“The Unemployment Insurance Agency is working hard every day to improve all the ways that Michigan workers interact with our unemployment system, and that starts with a new computer system that is human-centered and easy to use,” Julia Dale, Michigan UIA director, said in a statement Tuesday.

The Michigan UIA’s current computer system is almost a decade old, and the agency’s “aging architecture” is affecting workers’ ability to “efficiently process worker claims and employer payments, especially during quickly changing economic conditions such as the recent global pandemic.” Deloitte has experience modernizing unemployment insurance and tax systems, and supports such systems in 15 states, officials said.

“Deloitte’s system will also allow UIA to quickly adapt to react to economic changes that may increase the demand on the state’s UI system, limit the amount of custom coding needed to analyze UI data quickly or make program changes, and connect with other state software, which allows for seamless access for claimants and UIA staff,” a press release reads.

“As UIA transitions to a new system that prioritizes ease of use and meets Michigan’s unique specifications, workers and businesses should not experience any interruptions in access to (Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM)) or the services provided by UIA.”

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