78-year-old grandmother bags 8-point buck

Taylor woman has been hunting for 50 years, shoots another deer

TAYLOR, Mich. -

Nancy Shensky is a 78-year-old grandmother who not only has a sense of humor but also an aim with the rifle which hunters envy.

Shensky recently bagged an 8-point buck, something many hunters can only dream of. It's getting her a lot of attention.

"When I'm going places they talk about my rack ... my rack," she said with laughter.

How did she do it?

"I could see the direction he was coming from, so I got my scope up. I was between two trees and I waited and when his horns went through I shot and got him right in the shoulder," she said.

She usually guts the deer herself and this time around she boiled the antlers.

"I wasn't sure quite how to do it so I got on the Internet and they said that you needed to boil them," she said.

So how does a 5-foot-tall grandmother get into hunting?

"My husband and I were dating and he lost his hunting partners," Shensky said. "I said, 'I'll hunt with you,' and he said, 'You will?' and I said, 'Yeah!' He handed me a .22 rifle and said, 'You're a natural.'"

It wasn't the first time Shensky bagged an 8-pointer. She snagged one back in 1994 when her husband bagged his own 6-point buck. During the past 50 years Shensky has killed 45 to 50 deer. However, she takes certain pride in this recent buck. The rack has traveled all over town with her, from the senior center to Thanksgiving dinner.

She is considering mounting it soon.

Hunting is a family affair for the Shensky's.

"I'm kind of thinking about putting it up as you go down the basement stairs," she said. "I'm kind of thinking about putting it there."

With nearly 50 years of hunting under her belt, Shensky is not ready to retire anytime soon.

Nancy Shensky shows Local 4's Ashlee Baracy her 8-point buck antlers.

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