Elderly couple fall victim to scammers in Plymouth Township

Police: man distracted couple with conversation while partner snuck into home

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Local 4 has obtained a sketch of the man wanted for conning an elderly couple in Plymouth Township out of thousands of dollars.

Police say the man in the sketch distracted a man and woman with conversation, while his partner snuck into their home.

The victims say the man claimed to be sent by the homeowners association to do some work in the backyard. While the man kept the couple busy in the back, a partner went into the house from the front and took cash, collectible coins and jewelry.

Police warn that the targets of this type of scam are homeowners who are outside, working around the house. The homeowner leaves their doors open to go in and out, and around the back, and the scammers strike.

The man in the sketch is described as 5-foot-3 and around 130 pounds. The victims described him as being Hispanic and having brown hair and brown eyes.

"My garage is always open you would never think for a second that someone would do that," said one neighbor.

The bottom line is, even at home you have to stay vigilant against crooks. If you're working outside make sure all the doors to your home are locked.

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