Romulus mayor speaks out at City Council meeting

Mayor Alan Lambert says he wants to remind everyone he is still mayor, still in charge

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

ROMULUS, Mich. - Romulus Mayor Alan Lambert has kept a low profile since Michigan State Police investigators raided his home.

However, Lambert sat with the rest of City Council Monday night and made a brief statement, asking people to remember that he is innocent until proven guilty.

"I know there are several rumors floating around town. I think it would be foolish for me to try to address any of those rumors, particularly since the only thing we do know is that an investigation is going on," Lambert said.

Immediately following his statement and his intention not to resign, the mayor exited the City Council meeting. However, he had one more thing to say.

"I wish I could talk to you, I truly truly do, and the minute I can I will be more than glad to talk to you. But for now I don't know what's going on. They are not telling us anything ... I had to let people know that I am still the mayor, I'm still in charge until the time that I'm not," he said.

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