Tree falls on camper's tent killing Lincoln Park mother

39-year-old Mary Hickling fast asleep in tent when tree falls onto her at W.J. Hayes State Park

ONSTED , Mich. - Tragedy befell a family camping over the holiday weekend at W.J. Hayes State Park campground in Onsted, near Adrian, Michigan.

Inside a tent early Sunday morning, Mary Hickling of Lincoln Park lay sleeping with her two children. Her husband, 42-year-old David Hickling, was outside the tent when he watched in horror as an 85-90 foot tree fell onto the tent and his sleeping family.

He yelled for help and within seconds, 20-30 campers awoke and aided the father in lifting and removing the tree. According to park staff, several off-duty nurses happened to be camping near-by and performed first aid on the 39-year-old mother, who was directly struck by the tree.

The children were not seriously injured.

Despite the efforts of many, the mother later died at the hospital. Staffers at the park say the tree was on the edge of the woods 60 feet from the campsite and prior to the fall it appeared to be healthy on the outside.

A bug infestation inside the tree is possibly to blame for causing it to fall.

For information on how to help the family with donations go to and search for Mary Hickling.

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