Missing Canton Township man's body found in Westland

Matt Morris has been missing since January; body found Monday in marshy area


Investigators say Matt Morris' body was found in a marshy area off of Ford Road in Westland. It's just blocks away from where his vehicle was found abandoned earlier this year.

"We now have the closure, not really the closure we wanted, of course," said Kathy Gomoll, a friend.

The Canton Township man's friends, who are more like his family, have been searching everyday without luck. On Monday afternoon, a survey crew in the area found the body in water. Police were called immediately.

"Even though we expected it, what the outcome was going to be because he was gone for so long, it's still not easy," said Gomoll.

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The ID found on the body and physical description match that of Morris. He went missing in January. There has been no activity on his credit cards or phone. Friends say it's as if he simply disappeared.

Police do not expect foul play at this point.

Now, the mystery of what happened to Morris may never be solved.

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