VIDEO: Truck drives through massive tornado in Texas, shows other truck being tossed around

At least four people were injured Monday in Texas

A tornado took a truck on a wild ride in Elgin, Texas on Monday

ELGIN, Texas. – A wild video shows what it looked like to drive through a massive tornado that touched down in Texas on Monday.

Brian Emfinger captured the video in Elgin, Texas, showing the twister taking a truck across the road for a ride, blowing it over onto its side before spinning it back upright. The driver then drives away like nothing happened. (See the video in the player above)

Multiple tornadoes ripped through parts of Texas and Oklahoma, causing injuries and widespread damage in areas near Austin and Dallas, officials said. The storm system was poised to move into Louisiana and Mississippi on Tuesday, carrying the risk of dangerous tornadoes and powerful winds.

In Texas, several tornadoes were reported Monday along the Interstate 35 corridor, particularly in the Austin suburbs of Round Rock and Elgin, and in an area west-northwest of Dallas-Fort Worth. Another reported tornado caused damage in the southern Oklahoma town of Kingston.

At least four people were injured Monday in Texas, officials said.

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