1990 Flashback: David Zacks, Kenneth Weiner, and Coleman Young's Krugerrands

DETROIT - If the name David Zacks, the Bloomfield attorney who was shot during a botched robbery at his home last week, sounds familiar, it's because he was indirectly involved in one of the most outrageous moments in recent Detroit history.

Back in 1990, Mayor Coleman Young confidant and deputy Detroit police chief Kenneth Weiner was in hot water with federal authorities. One of his attorneys was David Zacks. During a meeting with prosecutors at defense lawyers' offices Weiner, who was in custody at the time, made a break for it.

Local 4 reporter Chris Hansen-yes, that Chris Hansen-had the story.

We dug deep into our video archives for the footage and reports from this bizarre chapter in Mayor Young's contentious history with federal law enforcement.

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