New technology developed to fix pothole problem in metro Detroit

Road crews using new procedure to eliminate potholes

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. - After a brutal winter, new procedures are being used to fix the pothole problem in the metro Detroit area.

Before, road crews would use a cold patch or cooling asphalt to fill potholes. But because of the winter weather the patches don't always stay.

Spray Patch Road Repairs uses a new technology that works better for the roads and lasts longer.

"It actually works, for what it is, it looks like we're just throwing stuff in a hole and it's loose material but it hardens, it cures and it stays," said company owner Mark Meeks.

The company uses a four-step method to fill the potholes. First they air dry the potholes, spray a super sticky base, fill it with asphalt and poor regular stone on top. The company often steam rolls but it can cost extra, which most communities cannot afford.

The company is just now getting out on the roads because the process works better in warmer temperatures. You can expect to see the crews out over the next several months to fix the pothole problem.

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