Michigan Sen. Mallory McMorrow to appear on Flashpoint after speech goes viral

‘We will not let hate win’

A democratic senator from Royal Oak's speech on the Senate floor has gone viral all around the globe. Mallory McMorrow said she was taking a stand against a personal attack from another senator. She'll be on flashpoint this weekend, and our Grant Hermes has a preview of what she had to say after all of this newfound attention.

A Michigan senator’s speech went viral after she took to the Senate Floor to defend herself against unsubstantiated claims made by another lawmaker in a campaign email.

Democratic Michigan Sen. Mallory McMorrow addressed the state Senate in response to an unproven allegation that she wants to “groom and sexualize kindergartners.”

The allegation was made in a fundraising email by Republican state legislator Lana Theis, who represents the state’s 22nd district.

“I didn’t expect to wake up yesterday to the news that the Senator from the twenty-second district had overnight accused me by name of ‘grooming and sexualizing children’ in an email fundraising for herself,” McMorrow said in her speech on Tuesday.

McMorrow has been heard on Twitter alone more than 14.2 million times.

“I just wanted to very clearly say that what was said about me was unacceptable and what was said about everyone else with this language was not acceptable. But I did not anticipate the reaction at all,” McMorrow said.

McMorrow’s speech hasn’t just garnered her millions of views and a massive reach, but also massive fundraising.

Recent reporting has shown the speech helped Michigan Democrats raise about $250,000 in just the last couple of days.

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