Metro Detroiter's make trip to Washington for President Barack Obama's second inauguration

Local 4 speaks with several metro Detroiters about witnesses historic event Monday

WASHINGTON DC - Among the crowd in Washington D.C. Monday for President Barack Obama's second inauguration, there were plenty of metro Detroiters.

Local 4 spoke with a lot of them who said they felt it was an honor to attend the historic event.

Former Detroit Public Schools principal Dr. Theresa Mattison called the experience "unreal."

"My father had opportunity to see a black president and it's just so unreal," she said.

Detroiter Roland Herndon said he was there with his family but got a bit lot in the crowd.

"I got separated from my wife earlier. She's on one side of the mall and we can't get the other side because of security. So, we're just going to try to find her later on," he said.

For others, it wasn't their first trip.

"I was here four years ago and I'm really excited to be back here again," said Ann Perry of Pleasant Ridge.

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