Residents on Roseville street unhappy with school traffic

Dead-end street turns into school traffic nightmare, neighbors say, while school enjoys outlet

By Steve Garagiola - Reporter/Anchor


Castle Street, which backs up to Roseville High School, was a dead-end street. It was very quiet and had very little traffic.

That has changed.

"It's like a drag strip down here everyday," said George Angerer, who lives on the street.

Two months ago, construction on Common Road nearly closed off the front entrance to the high school. The city opened up the back of the school parking lot which funneled all the vehicles, chaos and students on the once-quiet Castle Street.

"So there's constant traffic up and down, turning around in the driveways. It's just kind of crazy," said Deana Felczak, who lives on the street.

Neighbor Christine St. Amand said she is worried her daughter might get hit by one of the cars.

"She can't go out and play anymore because she has a friend across the street and I pretty much have to walk her across," she said.

The city asked residents for patience until the construction ends. The end has come but the temporary access to the high school remains open.

"The school has realized that there is child safety involved. This was a lot easier. It was a lot better for the traffic concerns and after it happened, the school was saying, 'Well, let's keep this open,'" said Assistant City Manager Bob Cady.

Everyone, it seems, likes it -- except the residents on Castle Street.

"Other people (other) than the high school students are using this road to cut through to the road on the other side, and then down to Common. And it's not right," said Patricia Myers, another frustrated resident.

Having the gate open is better for the school. Having it closed is better for the residents. So, who wins?

"We like to talk to the schools and we like to talk to the residents. We always welcome that. Compromise is good. It's what makes government work," said Cady.

For now, the dead-end street is open before and after school. Whether that will be the permanent scenario is yet to be seen.

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