Runners, family at Boston Marathon recount narrowly escaping harm from blasts

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Boaz Cheboiywo

DETROIT - Metro Detroit native Jason Boschan was about four miles away from finishing the Boston Marathon Monday when the first blast happened.

His mother, Shelley, was there cheering him on.

--Jason Boschan

She arrived back in Detroit Tuesday morning and talked with Local 4.

The mother said she was on her way to the finish line when she found out about what had happened.

"He is doing great. We are very blessed in this case he didn't run a little faster," she said. "God was with me and my son because he would have safe but I don't know about me."

Boaz Cheboiywo, of Ypsilanti, was in Boston with several of his marathon running friends, including some from Michigan.

"We saw the ambulance whisk people around. We saw the area being cleared," he said.
Cheboiywo said he is thankful that he and his runners survived but his heart aches for those who didn't.

"My prayers are to those three families and those who were injured," he said. "I would be in the same shoe. I'll always be at the finish line waiting for my client running back and forth. It just occurred to me it was a call, maybe it was God's plan and that it was not my time for me to be out there." 

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