Video shows girl jumped at MLK High School

By Guy Gordon - Reporter/Anchor

A Detroit mother is concerned about safety at Martin Luther King High School after she says her daughter was attacked twice by a mob of girls.

The beating was captured on a cellphone and was posted to social media.

Cydnee Jackson, 15, suffered a concussion in the incident. Her mother, LaDawn Smith, says that her daughter reached out for help after threats were made more than a week ago.

“She went to her couslelor about the situation,” Smith said. “Nothing occurred.”

Smith claims that her daughter was jumped in the hallway while on the way to her vocational class. The video shows her being held down and kicked it the head.

“My concern was no security, no staff was in that hallway,” Smith said.

Smith said her daughter went to the bathroom to clean her face up and that the girls were waiting outside for her where they attacked her again.

The district confirms the incident saying only, “The Detroit Public Schools Police Department detained five individuals; minor injuries were reported at the time.”

“When I got to the school, my daughter has a gash on her face that’s bleeding,” Smith said.

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Smith said the threats have continued on social media and that she would transfer he daughter to a different school, but she’s enrolled in a vocational program that no one else offers. She’s demanding the other girls be expelled.

Jackson and four other girls are serving a suspension for the fight.