Video shows Westland police officer using Taser on man holding 2-month-old baby

By Priya Mann - Reporter, Dane Sager Kelly - Web Producer

WESTLAND, Mich. - A cellphone video shows Westland police officers fire a Taser into a man's chest as he's holding a baby.

Family members said the baby is 2 months old.

UPDATE: Westland PD responds to video of officer using Taser on man holding 2-month-old baby

Though there aren't many details, witnesses said police arrived at a home at about 9 p.m. Friday night. The witnesses said police told residents they were responding to a report of a fight. When police arrived, the caller had left.

Kelvin Williams recorded the video, which shows the father become frustrated toward police, raising his voice multiple times. At one point in the conversation, the father picked up his child. 

Police requested the father take his son inside the home and the father refused. The police surrounded the man and fired the taser into the father's chest.

"I'm trying to grab the baby and they Tased him anyway," said Nichole Skidmore, the mother of the child. "I had to catch the baby out of his hands."

"The baby went in the air, if mom wasn't there, the baby would've fell," Williams said. "Because the cops definitely weren't reaching for it,"

The father was shocked with a taser multiple times before he was taken into custody.

Skidmore said a friend of hers called the police when she was upset about a crockpot Skidmore had borrowed and not returned. When the police arrived, the friend had already left.

Westland police are expected to comment on Monday, the day the father will be arraigned. It's unknown what he's being charged with.

The investigation is ongoing.

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