Warren mayor says city launching 'attack on rats'

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts says city will offer homeowners free rat-baiting services

WARREN, Mich. -

Warren's mayor says the city is launching an attack on rats.

In a statement Wednesday, Mayor Jim Fouts said he's been getting a large number of complaints about rats being seen throughout the city.

"It is my understanding that the unusually dry weather has contributed to this problem because other communities are experiencing similar rat problems.  The media has reported on rat problems throughout the Metro area," he said.

Fouts said the "attack on rats" will offer Warren homeowners rat-baiting services for free.

Griffin Pest Solutions will be doing the rat-baiting services.

Fouts said $150,000 is being set aside for the attack, which is being made under the "emergency appropriate authority" his office has.

"I issued an emergency appropriation order for $150,000 so we can purchase, at cost, this new rat bait box," he said.

Homeowners will need to have a city inspection before any extermination. Homeowners can call 586-574-4662 to schedule an inspection.

Like many Warren homeowners, Holly Sullivan is tired of dealing with rats.

"We found rats that are this big with tails ... I mean, they are just disgusting," Sullivan said.

The city says homeowners can take the following precautions to help keep rats away:

  • Cut off their food supply. Make sure garbage containers have tight lids, don't leave pet food outside, remove bird and wildlife feeders and pick up fruit and nuts that fall from trees daily. Dog fecal matter is a particular strong draw for rats and should be removed immediately.
  • Get rid of their hiding places. Remove abandoned cars, furniture and appliances.  Store firewood and lumber 18" off the ground and away from walls.  Remove overgrown plants and weeds from around the house, garage and yard.
  • Work with neighbors. Make sure they take care of their yards, too.
  • Make it more difficult for rats to get into buildings.  Fill any cracks bigger than a quarter.  Put screens over vent fans, eaves, crawl spaces.

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