Would you pass on these Thanksgiving delicacies?

Unique dishes offer a change from the traditional Thanksgiving meal

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Americans will surround the dinner table on Thanksgiving to indulge in some of their favorite holiday dishes. But not every delicacy we try will be considered "traditional."

The ability to eat questionable food with a smile will be put to the test for some, as cooks emerge from the kitchen with dishes like turkey sushi, TurDuckEn, meat cake, and gravy soda.

Not sure what some of these are? Scroll down and see if the pictures of these delicacies make your mouth water, or have you reaching for something else.

East meets West: turkey sushi may not be appealing to everyone.

TurDuckEn: a turkey stuffed with duck, chicken, and variety of fowl and fixings.

Meat Cake: cake filled with turkey meat and topped with mashed potatoes and cranberries.

Gravy Soda:  turkey and gravy flavored soda from Jones Soda Co.

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