Spring 2017 will be nasty pollen season for pets, experts say

Spring can be bothersome for pets

Like humans, pets can suffer from allergies, and spring can be a bad time for dogs and cats.

The biggest sign of pet allergies is scratching.

According to BluePearl Veterinary Partners, pets’ skin absorbs pollen and other allergens through their skin, leading to excessive scratching.

If your dog is scratching, scooting its bottom on the floor, rubbing its face on furniture or licking its paws excessively, it may be suffering from allergies. Cats may lick more than usual, sometimes to the point of pulling out clumps of hair.

Dr. Robert Schick of BluePearl Veterinary Partners said allergies are very common in pets.

And allergies don’t affect just pets. According to BluePearl, horses, primates and polar bears have been allergy tested.

To reduce the chances of an allergic reaction, wipe down your dog’s legs and stomach with a wet washcloth after walks. Weekly cold water baths with antibacterial soap can be helpful as well.

Pets can also be affected by household allergens such as dust mites, food and fleas, allergens that continue to irritate the animals beyond the spring pollen season.

If a pet is showing persistent signs of allergies, they should be taken to the veterinarian.