WATCH: A police cat, a chicken TV star and more on 'All 4 Pets Special'

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Pawfficer Donut works for the Troy Police Department doing community outreach.

There's a police cat, a chicken who's Local 4's newest promo star, butterflies, a rescue puppy AND the surprising DNA reveal of a local pooch! 

What more could you ask for? Haha!

Michigan’s only police cat is on the force at Troy PD.  We met up with her at headquarters and rode along on her beat, to see what it takes to keep the community safe.

Pawfficer Donut works for the Troy Police Department doing community outreach.

You'll meet the brand new All 4 Pets promo star, our very first spokeshen, Buttercup.  She’s living in style with her Eastpointe family and invites you into her coop. She's on the couch ready to watch her debut in our primetime special!


The butterfly population is declining around the world, but there are simple ways you can help.  We talk to Southeast Michigan Butterfly Association co-founder Brenda Dziedzic about what to plant in your yard if you want to attract more butterflies.  Her latest book is called “Raising Butterflies in the Garden.”

'All 4 Pets' Part 2: Queen of the coop

Ever wondered which breeds make up your mutt?  A dog adopted from a local shelter took a DNA test, and got some surprising results.  See if you can guess Rally’s lineage, according to one company. That's him below.

And we follow a rescue pup who was on a life-saving flight from California to metro Detroit.  She was one of dozens who faced euthanasia but found a forever home here in metro Detroit.  See her happily-ever-after.

'All 4 Pets' Part 3: Backyard butterflies

Plus, our next "Put Your Pet In A Promo" contest kicks off Thursday night. So, if you think your pet could be the next Local 4 promo star, upload a picture and short blurb and give him or her a chance to be featured on TV!

Jason Carr and Priya Mann hosted this brand new, primetime, "All 4 Pets Special" Thursday at 8 p.m. on Local 4.

Watch below: "Live in the D: Out on the Town" for the hottest places in the D!

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