Feast your eyes on these creative cheesecakes from 24th Cheesecakerie in Ann Arbor

24th Cheesecakerie has cheesecakes for vegans, Wolverine fans and more...

Creative Cheesecakes in Ann Arbor on Live in the D

Host Tati Amare chatted with Meredith Bruckner the Community Producer from allaboutannarbor.com and Sean Brezzell, the owner of 24th Cheesecakerie about the special dessert destination.

24th Cheesecakerie is located in Ann Arbor inside Briarwood Mall off State street. So what is a "Cheesecakerie"? We'll it's exactly what it sounds like! A place to come together and eat tasty cheesecake. 24th Cheesecakerie has over 30 flavors to choose from including a maze and blue lemon raspberry cheesecake. They even have a vegan cheesecake, which gives vegans and vegetarians a chance to enjoy this delicious dessert.

What truly makes 24th Cheesecakerie feel like home is the fact that it's a family-owned-and-operated business. Three generations have worked together to make the business a success and the youngest members of the family are expected to join in when they are older. Their newest legacy is only 6-months-old, but he is already well-known among customers and is contributing to the family business. 

The cheesecake will grab your attention with their amazing colors. Some flavors that were brought in the Live in the D studio were the red velvet swirl, vegan cheesecake, lemon-raspberry (maize & blue), sweet potato, and lemon meringue. 

For more information, visit allaboutannarbor.com. Follow 24th Cheesecakerie on Facebook and Instagram.

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