"Joker" and "Lucy in the Sky" performances are out of this world

Movie reviewer Greg Russell talks about the new films in theaters

Reel Talk highlights "Joker" and "Lucy in the Sky" on Live in the D

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The sinister smile that's painted in red is back in theaters this weekend, without the superheroes. Jason Carr sat down with movie reviewer Greg Russell to chat about the new movies everyone is talking about. 


The Joker is back and this is not a comic book fairytale. "Joker" is a statement about being failed by the world around you and feeling lonely. The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix who puts on a truly frighting performance. Russell said Phoenix will be compared to Heath Ledger, but the two characters are not the same. "Joker" is rated R.

Lucy in the Sky

"Lucy in the Sky" is all about a woman trying to make it outer space. Lucy is an astronaut that doesn't come back the same after going to space, which leaves her with numerous questions. You can see "Lucy in the Sky" in theaters next weekend. This movie is rated R.

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