Improve Your Golf Game: Hip Movement

Golf Tips With Bob Krause

Andrew Thav from Bloomfield Township wrote me this week asking, "What should my legs be doing throughout my swing?"

In my opinion the lower body is often the most overlooked part of the swing. People spend the majority of their practice sessions worrying about the positions of their arms and forget to consider their legs. Here is a simple way to illustrate how this part of the swing should feel.

Imagine you are standing in a barrel when hitting balls. You do not want to hit either side of the barrel with your hips on either your back or forward swing. Many times people will have far too much movement in their lower body which causes inconsistent and offline shots.

Another way to think of this is to reduce the lateral movement (side to side) during your swing. Focus on keeping your weight on the insides of your feet. If you feel pressure on the outsides of your feet, you are swaying too much and should lessen your hip movement. If you have proper leg movement during your swing you will hit the ball more consistent and online more often.

Thanks for the question Andrew and have a great golf season!

Bob Krause

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