Safety first!

Hi guys, welcome back!

I went golfing this past weekend with some friends and a few situations came up that I thought I would share with you and they both have to do with safety!

First, my buddy Steve hit his tee shot slightly to the right and ended up in the woods. 

When he arrived at his ball, he realized that he had two options. He could either chip the ball out into the fairway (safe option) or go for the ‘miracle shot' through the trees hoping for more distance. 

Well, you guessed it… he went for the miracle shot and could have easily earned a concussion.

When you unintentionally hit a ball at a tree with great swing speed, it comes back at you with the same speed and force (ouch) which is a potentially dangerous situation. 

Luckily, my friend got hit in the shoulder and not the head and I think he learned a valuable lesson.

In golf, going for the miracle shot can cost you higher score and injury. 

Steve wound up with a bruised shoulder (and ego) and still had to get out of the woods.  

A few holes later, we heard "FORE!" which means a golf ball may be heading your direction.  Here is what not to do,…don't start looking around for the ball (like my another unnamed friend of mine did).  Instead, cover your had with your arms and crouch down to protect yourself. 

Golf can be a fun, competitive game when shared with friends but remember, play smart and safe!

Until next time!

Danny Divot