'The Moms' relieved after their children win gold

Cheryl Davis and Jacqui White thrilled their children had the perfect skate, look forward to them returning to school


That's the word "The Moms" behind Olympic ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White used to describe how they felt once they knew their children won the gold medal.

Jacqui White and Cheryl Davis, known as 'The Moms' in the skating world, have traveled to every competition so they have seen them skate many, many times, but that doesn't mean they don't get nervous.

"I just can't help myself, my nerves just get the best of me and intellectually I know they're ready and are going to do a great job, but I just, I just basically fall apart and hold my breath and just hang on for dear life until its over," said Jacqui White.

White says its no reflection on the abilities of Meryl and Charlie.

"I felt just this huge relief that it was finished and they skated gorgeously, and then just excitement, excitement for them and happiness," said White.

"I totally agree.  It was a sense of relief.  After all the noise that was happening with the Russians screaming after their own kids, watching the kids pacing behind the boards, you wondered what they were thinking and then once they went out there and skated such a clean program, it was such a relief that they put out a program that they could appreciate later on," said Cheryl Davis.

Local 4 caught up with "The Moms" at the P & G Family Home in the Olympic Park.

White said Meryl and Charlie skated perfectly.

"It was definitely their dream skate," said White.  "I couldn't think of anything, no foot placed wrong, every finger tip in the right place, the faces just gorgeous and everything was so perfect that I really felt in my heart this is it, this is really it, but you don't dare hope that hard and you want to just wait until you see the scores and not jump ahead."

Davis and White say their children are so proud that they accomplished the goal they set for themselves four years ago.

"It was a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of effort and I think they're just very very proud of what they've accomplished," said Davis.

"They're happy," said White "That's it, they're happy."

Meryl Davis and Charlie White have not announced what they plan to do next, but their moms quickly answer what goal they want their children to complete.

"Back to school," said Davis. "They have to go finish their degree."

That's because Meryl and Charlie took a year off from the University of Michigan to focus on this Olympic season.  Davis and White feel no matter what their children decide to do next, they will be successful.

Davis and White are also grateful for the support they are receiving from family, friends and fans in metro Detroit.

"It is just a wonderful, warm, loving and supportive community that has really been behind Meryl and Charlie since they were little kids," said White. "We just want to say out to Detroit shout out 'Thank you Detroit. Thank you for being behind Meryl and Charlie and loving them all these years and being there for them."

"It's a very sports-oriented town and figure skating is not one of the biggest sports that they think of, like in other countries, but they have always supported Meryl and Charlie, have always been there for us and I'm getting messages from people i haven't seen in 30 years. So it's very nice that they've supported them all along," said Davis.

No matter what Meryl and Charlie decide to do next, Davis and White say they will remain friends for life.   In fact, they already have plans to take a trip together next year.

Davis and White said they are thankful for the support they have received from P & G including their family home in the Olympic Park.   They said they spent a lot of time at the home because it's a place where they can relax, meet up with their children and get away from the stress and noise of the winter games.   They also like that it's a place to meet the parents of other athletes because they all share a special bond.

Davis also got a little emotional talking about the 'Thank You Mom' campaign.   The campaign honors the role moms have in raising an Olympian.  Meryl and Charlie are featured in one of the ads.

"Thank you mom means people appreciate us for the things that we done for the kids and the figure skating world, I mean we made history," said Davis.

"We don't do what we do to get thank you, but it feels really good when you hear it," said White.