'Crazy hockey dad' shatters glass in anger


A video posted to YouTube this week shows a man in the stands break the glass during a youth hockey game.

He is presumably a parent of one of the kids playing in the game. He became upset with what was happening on the ice and stood up yelling. While yelling, he struck the plexiglass, shattering it. The broken glass did not stop him -- he kept pointing and yelling.


The video is titled "Crazy hockey dad," though it's not clear if he is indeed a parent of one of the children on the ice. Other reports say he is.

A woman can be heard on the video after the glass breaks saying, "Way to go, Paul."

Those in the hockey community have been passing around the clip. Hockey Hall of Famer and Michigan native Mike Modano retweeted the Vine video saying, "Parents and hockey don't mix. Way to embarrass your son."

The YouTube video does not include a location, but this is probably not a suprise to many hockey parents across the country (and Canada). Some of them have been known to take things way (way, way) too far, unfortunately giving a bad name to all of them.

Thanks, "Paul."


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