Michael Phelps introduces son Boomer to world in live chat


Proud papa Michael Phelps introduced his son Boomer to the world in a live chat on Facebook on Sunday night.

Phelps, his fiancee Nicole Johnson and housemate Allison Schmitt were broadcasting live from the couple's Cadillac Escalade on the way to the airport. They all took questions from viewers - Phelps only when stopped at traffic lights - including if they'd ever trade their Escalade for a minivan.

Several echoing, resounding no's from the couple. "No offense to people who drive them," Johnson added. Phelps said his Escalade is "one of my favorite cars I've ever owned."

"I changed my first diaper today," Phelps announced, which Johnson called a "milestone."

Phelps said that he was initially afraid of it, because "the photos that [the doula] showed me of what diapers could look like freaked me out, not gonna lie. I was afraid to change a diaper at first, and today I was like, 'I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna have that experience before we leave.'"

Then, Phelps and Schmitt met their longtime coach Bob Bowman at the airport to depart in a private plane for altitude training in Colorado Springs.

Phelps then said goodbye to Johnson and Boomer, calling the newfound love for his son "a new definition of love."

Even though "the little dude" was not awake, Phelps showed off his son, who was wearing an adorable fish-printed one-piece outfit.

Phelps passed the phone to Bowman, who also had the chance to say goodbye to "Booms" before getting on the plane.

Phelps will race next at a meet in Austin on June 3-5, but would not say what he events he would race. Instead, he's leaving that up to Bowman, just as he said he has for the past 20 years.

Check out the whole broadcast:

Phelps also joked that none of the horses he has with Bowman were ready for any major races.

"We have a few together. We have a couple horses together. None in the Preakness or the Derby yet, but maybe one day. We didn't make the cut this year," Phelps said with a laugh.