Detroit Lions to unveil 4 new uniforms on April 13

Letter to season ticket holders reveals plan for new uniforms


DETROIT – The Detroit Lions announced Thursday that they will be unveiling four new uniforms ahead of the 2017 NFL season.

"We'll also be unveiling four new uniforms on April 13 and are eager to share them with you," the Lions announced in a letter to season ticket holders. "Stay tuned."

The announcement comes after the Lions made a minor tweak to their official team logo. The outline around the lion on the logo was changed from black to grey.

It's unclear how the new uniforms will be released when April 13 arrives.

The Lions also announced the Ford family will invest $100 million into Ford Field renovations.

"You will be hearing about new videoboards, an all-new sound system and major renovations to several area of Ford Field in the coming weeks," the letter said.

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