4Frenzy: We're looking for the best high school team traditions in Metro Detroit

Nominate your team, club or group's tradition


Traditions build teams.

Passed on from player to player, year to year, they bind people together in shared efforts, lasting through failure and success, standing for something greater than a score or record.

What are your team traditions? We want to hear about them to start 4Frenzy 2017, our annual celebration of high school sports and activities.

"Traditions" here are however you define them. Maybe your team shares a motto that's existed for decades, or your crowd sings the school fight song during games. It could be giving out weekly effort awards to players, or certain warm up routine before shows -- we consider a "team" any group of high-schooler who work together, be it in sports, band, theater or school clubs. 

Here's a few we've received: 

  • Wearing a suit on game days 
  • Throwing coaches in the water after winning a championship 
  • Singing hymns and praying together before games 
  • Pasta parties before big games 

This fun, spirited contest is open to current and former teams, casts and bands. We're really just looking for the rich stories behind the ties that bring groups together. Like all 4Frenzy polls, it's more about the celebration of the work and connections that go into teams than it is about winning the "Best." 

Share your tradition using the form below. We'll review all submissions and send them through for public voting to determine a winner. Along the way we'll single out our favorites for stories on ClickOnDetroit.com and WDIV Local 4. Any photos or videos you can share are greatly appreciated. Please include contact info so we can reach you with further questions. 

Not seeing the form? Try here. Questions about our search for the Best Team Tradition in Metro Detroit? Email us at: clickondetroit@wdiv.com