'Korea Rising: The 2018 Winter Games' on Local 4

Watch the full show here

Local 4 anchor Devin Scillian recently traveled to South Korea with a WDIV news crew to get an inside look at the country that is about to host the world for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in February.

From K-pop to bibimbap, “Korea Rising: The 2018 Winter Games” is an hour-long, documentary style special that showcases Korean culture, technology, music and cuisine.  And while many people are looking forward to seeing the excitement of world-class athletes competing in PyeongChang, the current tensions between North and South Korea can’t be ignored.

Scillian takes viewers to the demilitarized zone, one of the most heavily armed borders in the world, where North Koreans have been willing to die on the run rather than live in desperation.

Local 4’s primetime special answers the following questions. Is life as tense as people would think? How is the close proximity of North Korea affecting the PyeongChang Olympic Games? Will they truly be the “Peace Games,” as some are hoping?

In addition, Scillian shows why Seoul is actually one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. “Korea Rising: The 2018 Winter Games” will air Friday at 8 p.m. on Local 4 and be streamed live on ClickOnDetroit.