Update from Olympic snowboarder Kyle Mack's mother ahead of Big Air

Kyle Mack with family and friends in PyeongChang.
Kyle Mack with family and friends in PyeongChang.

PYEONGCHANG – What an exciting few days here in Korea with the Big Air qualifiers.  

Kyle and his teammates were up and practicing on the jump by 8:30 a.m. and Heat 1 finals went off on time.  

There were 18 competitors in the first heat and one-by-one they did their tricks, and it was so cool to see the style and flips they were all doing. Kyle had two great runs and landed in the top 6 of his heat to move into finals which takes place on Friday, Feb. 24.

When the comp was over he came over to us with all smiles and said “the hard part is over!” We just finished up dinner with Kyle and his buddy Red and his family, the Gerards -- what a great support team we have rockin' here in Korea for tomorrow's finals.  

Kyle seems to be in good spirits, but won’t let us know what he is planning on throwing down tomorrow – we are stoked for Kyle and can’t wait to see.