Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia criticizes reporter for slouching: 'Have a little respect'

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patirica criticized a reporter during a press conference on Wednesday morning.

Patricia was asked a question by ESPN's Michael Rothstein about how the Golden Tate trade makes the Lions any better.

Before answering the question, Patricia told Rothstein, "Do me a favor and sit up, have a little respect for the process."

"Ask me a question professionally and I'll answer it for you," Patricia continued.

Patricia did eventually answer some questions about trading Golden Tate.

"I think it’s important for us when we evaluate everything that we do as a franchise. I think there’s certain value that we can get at times during the season that will help us long term, and we obviously have faith and confidence in the people that are on this team right now," Patricia told the media.

The Lions will face division rival Minnesota this Sunday on the road.

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