Detroit Lions analysis: 4 Stafford throws from win over Giants

Stafford nominated for Player of the Week award

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford had a fantastic game Sunday in the Lions’ win over the New York Giants. He was 25/32 with 342 yards and 3 touchdowns and he didn’t have an incompletion in the second half. The Lions struggled to run the ball and stop New York’s offense, so it was all on Stafford to deliver the win and he did.

Let’s look at some of the big plays from the game and how they happened.

First quarter interception

It’s the Lions’ first possession of the game. They’re driving after just picking up a first down on a 15-yard pass to Danny Amendola.

The Lions have Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones to Stafford’s left with two tight ends on the right side of the line.

Jones goes in motion to the right and lines up outside of TJ Hockenson. The Lions fake a run and Stafford rolls right as Jones goes deep, Golladay half-heartedly runs a dig and the running back runs a backside wheel route.

The play is designed to go to Jones and Stafford decides to throw into double coverage. It was a bad decision and even worse throw right to the defender.

Part of why Stafford is having such a good year is he’s cut down on making those bad decisions. This one didn’t come back to haunt him as the Lions’ scored on the ensuing possession.

Deep throw to Marvin Hall

On the next drive after that bad interception, Stafford rebounds with a big throw for a touchdown on 3rd and 15.

Detroit comes out with trips to the bottom and a single receiver split out up top. On the trips side, Marvin Hall is in the slot and Marvin Jones is outside.

The Giants look like they’re going to have four deep defenders to try and prevent a first down.

The play ends up being a two-man route and Stafford makes the throw after reading who the cornerback goes to cover.

Hall runs straight down the field and Jones follows right behind him for 10 yards before breaking his route outside. Hall then breaks to the corner and the Giants’ corner comes up to cover Jones, leaving Hall open as the safety is playing in the middle of the field.

When Stafford sees the corner go with Jones, he knows he has Hall open and throws it deep for the touchdown.

It was good play design by Lions’ offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and a good read and throw by Stafford.

Red zone touchdown to Kenny Golladay

This throw comes on the Lions’ first drive of the second half with the Lions leading 17-13. It’s 3rd and 2 on the 9-yard line. The Lions line up in twin bunch formations with Golladay and Amendola on the bottom of the screen.

This is another two-man route with a simple read for Stafford. Amendola runs a five-yard out taking one defender with him. When Stafford sees that, he throws the deeper out route to Golladay.

It’s not Stafford’s best throw of the day because he floats it to the pylon. Kenny Golladay makes a nice play by using his body to block the defender and then going to grab the ball away for the touchdown.

Trick play to Golladay

It’s 24-19 Lions at the start of the 4th quarter. They line up in an I-formation with two tight ends in what looks like will be a run. Golladay is the only wideout on the bottom of the screen.

Stafford pitches to JD McKissic, who then throws back to Stafford who throws a deep post to Golladay for the score.

Stafford gets double points for this one, first for making the catch and then for making a good throw to Golladay.

It was a fun play to watch. Credit again to Bevell for drawing this one up and calling it at the perfect time.

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