SPOTLIGHT: Northville High Tennis Player wins Fan Choice Award

Chris Gruschow voted Favorite Sophomore

Chris Guschow on the tennis court.
Chris Guschow on the tennis court. (2019)
  • Puppy parent to a new Corgi
  • Loves to ski
  • Travels out west to Colorado and Wyoming to visit family annually
  • Favorite place traveled to is Machu Picchu, Peru

Northville High School – 15-year-old sophomore Chris Gruschow from Northville High School was just announced as the winner of the Fall Fan Choice Award for Favorite Sophomore. The student athlete began playing tennis around the age of four and from there he started to build an athletic career.

“I played about once a year in Florida until some time in elementary school, I started playing more frequently,” he says.

Chris says that he really enjoys playing tennis because it’s a game with a lot of strategy. “It’s a game that I can play all my life,” he says. “It’s also fun due to all the new skills I can learn and how easily it is to play with friends when I have time.”

Throughout his youth career, Chris has received multiple awards in tennis, including a junior varsity certificate last year after the season. But even with years worth of experience, Chris says he does not see himself going professional. Instead, school is the ultimate focus of his future.

Despite his choice of not becoming a professional tennis player, his joy for the game still remains and doesn’t prevent him from setting goals for the upcoming seasons. “My goals for next season are to develop my skills even more and to continue having fun while putting effort into every practice and match,” he says.

Chris explains that his biggest challenge when playing tennis is returning strong shots from the opponents and trying to strategize while playing with a partner. Overcoming this challenge is a part of his goal to fully develop his skills in tennis for the next season.

To wrap things up, we asked Chris who is his favorite tennis player and he responds, “Probably Naomi Osaka.” He continues, “She’s a relatively new player who plays very well and seems like a nice person. She’s funny in interviews and seems like a down to earth person in spite of all her skill.”

Congratulations Chris Gruschow on your Fall Fan Choice Award for Favorite Sophomore!

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