SPOTLIGHT: Shrine Catholic’s Favorite Sophomore Nets a Fan Choice Award

Kevin Wright Voted Favorite 10th grader on Soccer Team

  • Straight-A student
  • Owns two dogs
  • Played every position in soccer
  • Also plays baseball

Shrine Catholic High School – For this year’s Local 4 Fall Fan Choice Awards, Kevin Wright is the winner for Favorite Sophomore. The Outside mid player believes that the reason he was chosen for the awards is that he’s a great friend and teammate. “I’m a well-liked teammate because I’m a well-rounded player, I work hard during practices and game; I encourage my teammates to do their best and I’m a fun person to be around,” he says.

He also says that he has a great support system at home. “I have supportive family and friends who like to watch me play and voted for me,” he says. Wright even credits his team for his nomination and award. “Soccer is a team sport and I need the other 10 players on the field to play the game, I play with a lot of great players.”

Wright says that he began playing soccer at 4 years old. He took a liking to the sport and quickly adapted to game while on the field. When asked what he likes most about playing soccer, he responded, “I like the strategy involved; it takes a strategic approach to move the ball down the field and win.”

Since the start of his high school career as a student-athlete, Wright has made many achievements, which he was happy to share with us. “I played in many varsity games as a freshman and earned a spot on the starting lineup during my sophomore year,” he says. “I was also the highest scoring sophomore on the team this year.”

One of Wright’s biggest inspiration is Robert Lewandowski. If you’re not familiar with this name, Lewandowski is a Polish professional soccer player who plays as a striker for Bayern Munich, and is the captain of the Poland national team. Wright says Lewandowski is his favorite player because he admires the way he plays. “He’s very skillful so I like to watch him play,” he says.

As for the future, Wright says that he has set a few short term and long term goals for the remainder of his soccer career at Shrine Catholic. " I believe we’re a strong team with a lot of talent and my goal is for us to reclaim the Catholic League title, and advance to the Regional level or more in the State Playoffs next year," he says.

As far as his goals for after college, Wright says they’re to be determined. “I’m not sure if I will continue playing competitively in college, but I know I’ll always continue playing soccer for fun,” he says.

Congrats to Kevin on his Fall Fan Choice Award! We’d like to thank our 4Frenzy sponsors for their support: DMC Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, Hungry Howie’s, Meijer, Southeast Michigan Ford Dealers, and Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation.