Young Tigers fans ready for ALCS

Royal Oak elementary students celebrate Detroit Tigers' playoff success

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

ROYAL OAK, Mich. - The students at Oak Ridge Elementary are ready for the American League Championship Series.

To show their support and spirit for the Detroit Tigers, the school held an unofficial Tigers celebration. A relative of Tigers mascot Paws even stopped by.

The pint-sized baseball fans had their Tigers gear and knew their Tigers statistics. Nolan Bierl, 9, could be called the resident Tigers expert.

"Justin Verlander, he struck out 11 batters last night and completed a full game. He pitched great last night and we're moving onto the second round," Nolan said. "I want the Orioles to win because I think it would be a easier choice to beat them since we usually score a lot of runs against them."

Since the students couldn't stay up late Thursday night to watch the Tigers win their division series, waking up to the news of a win was reminiscent of Christmas morning.

"I ran downstairs, I turned Sports Center on, and I'm just kind of in my living room waiting. And I finally we see it and I'm like, 'We won the game!'" said Emma Ervin.

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