How Team USA is kept happy

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LONDON - Hello everyone!

Today was a free day from the venue and Peter got us access to the Olympic Athlete Village.

After going through intense security and getting caught in the rain trying to find our way, Peter showed us the many highlights and privileges of being an Olympic athlete. We sat on the patio with a coffee and Peter told us of his experiences so far. We ran into the University of Michigan coaches (see photos) and kept an eye out for any other high profile Olympians!

We were true Olympic groupies. The Village is incredible whether it be endless food, the walk-in salon or the florist. Team USA is kept happy!

Proctor and Gamble Co. has done an amazing job taking care of the families. We have been to two other Olympics and have never seen anything like this! The focus has been supporting the families and tonight we experienced it. We went to the P & G venue and were treated like kings and queens. Great food, amenities and tickets for other events. So nice to be able to go to place where you can relax, grab a bite to eat and visit with other Olympic athlete's families. Hats off to P & G and I will be using Tide laundry detergent the rest of my life!

Tomorrow we will head out to visit central London and look for the Queen. The Londoners are so pleasant and friendly...even the Bobbies.

Thanks again to all that have been sending messages. Go Team USA!


Robin Vanderkaay is the mother of Rochester native Peter Vanderkaay. She is blogging for us during the Olympics.

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