Un-Wanted: The Deportation of an Immigrant Michigan Family's American Dream

Local 4's documentary follows Michigan family's deportation story


On April 26, 2018, Cile Projecti Gochivic kissed her children goodbye as they boarded the bus in front of her Sterling Heights Michigan home.  

She went to her regularly scheduled check-in with an immigration officer in Detroit. She often takes her children with her -- that day she did not.  

She walked into the immigration office -- she didn’t walk out.  She was arrested on the spot.  After 18 years of fighting to stay in her adopted Country, she was out of options and out of time.

"Un-Wanted: The Deportation of an Immigrant Michigan Family's American Dream" follows the heartbreaking story of a Michigan family torn apart and uprooted after decades of fighting for citizenship.

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Local 4's Paula Tutman takes you inside the deportation process and inside the real-life consequences of America's immigration climate. Watch the full documentary in the video player above.

After watching the documentary, do your own research using our in-depth resources guide, separating myth from math, checking the facts around immigration in America. 

UPDATE: Here's how the family is doing in Albania 

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