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4Warn Weather App. (WDIV)

4Warn Weather – The weather outside is weather. But with the 4Warn Weather app, you’ll know what to expect.

What sets this weather app apart from the rest?

  • Live radar and real-time forecasts from WDIV Local 4′s team of meteorologists. We have a team of trained professionals who have dedicated their lives to weather science and forecasting to keep their community safer.
  • Severe Weather Alerts -- Is there a severe thunderstorm approaching? Flooding? A tornado watch? You will have these answer right on your phone -- pushed right to you.
  • Hourly forecasts -- What’s the latest update on the rain? You’ll never ask this question again.
  • 48-hour, 5-day and 10-day forecasts -- Is the weekend a washout or what? This app keeps you in the loop.
  • Storm and snow tracking -- Where and when, exactly, is the storm? Another question you’ll have the answer to.
  • See and share photos of the weather -- Show everyone what you’re dealing with in your neighborhood.

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