Tracking worst potholes in SE Michigan: Canton Center Road, Hall Road, Mound Road, Merriman Road

DETROIT – The sheer number of responses we have received about the worst areas for potholes in southeast Michigan proves how big of a problem this is. 

It's March in Michigan, after all. But this is just the beginning. 

We are filtering through the data from ClickOnDetroit readers who were asked to identify the worst offending roads and with more than 500 responses so far, here are the top spots for potholes in southeast Michigan as of March 30, 2017:

1. Canton Center Road -- According to the responses, Canton Center Road is real bad between Ford and Warren roads. But the road apparently is full of potholes throughout its namesake township. "It looks like a war zone," one person wrote. There reportedly are "massive craters" at Canton Center Road and Hanford Road. 

2. Hall Road -- the entire stretch between M-53 and I-94 has received criticism, but according to the responses Hall Road's worst potholes can be found between Schoenherr and Garfield roads. "Hall Road/M59 is positively the worst because it is such a long stretch of horrible road," one person wrote. 

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3. Mound Road -- Mound Road is "awful," "horrible" and "the WORST." Those who travel Mound Road are clearly sick of it. It still hasn't received as many responses as the now-infamous Canton Center Road and Hall Road, but Mound Road is a solid 3rd place right now. 

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4. Merriman Road -- specifically anywhere in Livonia, which is about a 6-mile stretch from Joy Road to 8 Mile Road. On Merriman Road between 8 Mile and 7 Mile road "they are not potholes ... they are craters," one person wrote. 

5. Haggerty Road -- There are two parts of Haggerty Road being mentioned: The stretch between 5 Mile and 6 Mile roads and the intersection at Joy Road in Canton Township. The road has some "absolute tire eaters" one person wrote. 

Honorable mentions:

  • 13 Mile Road between Groesbeck Highway and Gratiot Avenue -- "It's like driving on the moon," one person wrote. 
  • 12 Mile Road between Mound Road and Van Dyke -- "I have driven on smoother dirt roads," one person wrote.

Someone made a really good point: "A better question is to ask where there aren't potholes in southeast Michigan -- would be a shorter list." And another respondent said the biggest pothole is in the Lansing Legislature, where "money constantly disappears, never to be seen again."

This list of worst offenders is not set in stone (concrete?) as we continue to accept responses. Obviously, the most traveled roads are going to get more mentions as these roads affect more drivers on a daily basis.

Consider these preliminary results. However, Canton Center Road, Hall Road and Mound Road are way out in the lead as the worst roads when it comes to potholes. 

What are we missing? Please tell us, and be specific: