Tracking worst potholes in SE Michigan: Drivers rail against Mound Road

Potholes on Mound Road in Macomb County
Potholes on Mound Road in Macomb County

DETROIT – According to responses we have received about the worst potholes in southeast Michigan, Mound Road is a huge problem for drivers.

More than 500 people have responded to the survey, and 11 percent of those answers mentioned Mound Road as one of the worst roads for potholes. Some responses pointed out specific stretches of road, while others said the entire road was horrible.

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Potholes on the road have caused dangerous conditions and damaged vehicles, according to drivers.

Here’s what some drivers had to say about driving on Mound Road:

“I drive Mound Road every day. Sometimes it may look like I'm a drunk driver while trying to avoid all the potholes. I have had two flat tires from hitting chunks of concrete laying in lanes over the last two years.”

“I work on Mound and can confirm that it is awful -- a friend recently blew out two tires and bent a wheel, at a cost over $1,000. What's (not) funny is that when the patching crews are out, it's always, and I mean always, raining so the patch goes everywhere except in the voids. It's insulting to taxpayers.”

“I would definitely say Mound Road north and south. I drive this every day and it is just getting worse. I have seen cars and trucks hit these holes and lose control and go into other lanes. It needs to be patched until they come up with a plan.”

“Mound Road is the WORST! Sad thing is they "patched" it just a few years ago and you can't even tell!”

Last year, Warren officials discussed a $150 million construction project that would close 18 miles of Mound Road between I-696 and Hall Road.

The project would involve a complete reconstruction of Mound Road, not just a repaving.

Money has not been secured yet, though when discussing plans, city officials said they would want the federal government to pay for most of the repairs. Officials are hoping to secure the money this year and be awarded grants in 2018 so that the project could begin in 2020 and end in 2022.

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