Police have new warning for drivers near M-59 construction zone in Macomb County

Drivers could receive $125 ticket for cutting through parking lots

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – Michigan residents are familiar with the legend of the states' two seasons: winter and construction.

Clogged construction zones like the one on M-59 in Macomb County bring out some of the worst driving behavior, but new traffic enforcement is on the way.

Police are planning to hand out $125 tickets for using parking lots as a way to cut through construction zones.

"People cutting through all the time, nonstop," Vince Sharak said.

These days, Hall Road is more gravel than it is roadway, and it's been a regular source of frustration for Sharak.

"So they actually come through Schoenherr," Sharak said. "Once that light turns red, they cut right through and go straight through to the Hall Road entrance."

Sharak's family owns the Marathon gas station, and he said business is suffering.

"People are trying to get in and others are trying to get out," Sharak said.

Out on his new Indian motorcycle, Matt Cook said he tries to avoid the construction zone most of the day. He said he knows the trouble it causes when drivers cut through parking lots.

"Chaos with people in here getting gas or other companies like that," Cook said. "People are cutting through, getting away, going too fast. There could be children or other people in the way. They're not looking."

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office said that's the least of it. Road rage is a possibility, and the action impacts businesses.

"They just want to get through," the sheriff said. "They're thinking from here to there and who knows what could happen?"

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