Macomb County construction updates


The Michigan Department of Transportation released updates on the construction projects affecting Macomb County streets.



12 Mile Road, Mound Road to Van Dyke Avenue.
This project includes milling existing pavement, the removal and replacement of a concrete base, a sidewalk with ADA ramps, the replacement of asphalt drive surface and adjustment of all storm and utility manholes.  

Estimated completion Nov. 10:

Shelby Township, Washington Township Border.

26 Mile Road eastbound from Mound to Old Van Dyke.
Eastbound will be down to one lane for concrete patching.
This roject includes the removal of failing concrete squares and replacing them with new concrete. 

Sterling Heights.

16 Mile Road, 700 feet eastbound and westbound from Dodge Park.
Traffic will be reduced down to one lane to replace failing concrete. 
This project includes the removal of failing concrete squares and replacing them with new concrete.

Estimated completion Nov. 13:

Macomb Township.

24 Mile Road and North Avenue Intersection.
A right turn lane will be constructed for eastbound 24 Mile Road at North Avenue.
The project includes the removal of failing concrete squares and replacing them with new concrete. 

Estimated completion Nov. 17:

Sterling Heights.

Mound Road from 18 Mile Road to Hall Road (M-59), southbound lanes only.
Concrete removal and replacement of very bad sections of road are the main focal points of this project.  Lanes will be closed, and there will be intermittent flagging to maintain traffic flow through the construction site.

Washington Township, Ray Township.

29 Mile Road over Healy Brook and Camp Brook drains. This project will take place between Schoenherr and Romeo Plank roads and between Romeo Plank and Kunstman roads. 
Th project includes removal and replacement of the bridge structures with approach roadway work.  During construction, 29 Mile Road will be closed to through traffic between Schoenherr Road and Romeo Plank and between Romeo Plank and Kunstman Road.

Estimated completion Nov. 24:


13 Mile Road from Gratiot Avenue to Groesbeck Highway City of Fraser.
This project consists of repairs to the base and HMA overlay and includes fixes to the curb, drives, drainage, ADA ramps and the restoration of grass areas.

Macomb Township.

Fairchild/Omo Road, from 24 Mile Road to 26 Mile Road, including segment of Fairchild from North Avenue to Hagen.
This project is focused on the conversion of a dirt road into paved road using asphalt and includes improvements to drainage.

Estimated completion May 15:

Bruce Township.

M-53 Connector / 33 Mile and McKay Roundabout Project
This project includes right turn lane construction along northbound M-53 Freeway, median turn around construction, McKay Road construction, 33 Mile and McKay Roads roundabout construction and the widening of northbound M53 over East Pond Creek.  The intersection of 33 Mile and McKay Roads will be closed to through traffic.
Intermittent single lane closures will occur on northbound and southbound M-53 (between 9 a.m.-3 p.m.).

Estimated completion May 25:

Clinton Township.

Santa Anna and Santa Barbara Streets from Moravian Drive / Millar Road to Nardy Street.
This project includes water main installation, storm sewer/drainage improvements, HMA base crushing and shaping, concrete approaches, HMA paving and restoration.  Local traffic will be maintained during construction.