POTHOLE PATROL: Where are the worst roads in Metro Detroit?

Pothole season is upon us

DETROIT – It seems the 2018 pothole season has arrived early in Metro Detroit. 

Maybe I say that every year, but I have it on record that last year I didn't start asking ClickOnDetroit readers for their worst potholed roads until March -- the end of March (after that huge windstorm, remember that?!). 

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Anyway, here we go again. There are potholes everywhere. I know I don't have to tell you this. Personally, there are certain roads in Wayne County that have me changing up my weekly driving routes. And I'm dodging some giant ones. Is there anything worse than watching the vehicle in front of you swerve wildly to reveal a huge hole that you can't avoid? Then boom ... it feels like your wheel fell off. It probably didn't but as time passes you wonder if your rim is bent, if you have a flat, etc. 

Well my friends, it's time to share where you've found the worst potholes in Metro Detroit. Last year we were able to identify Canton Center Road as the worst offender. The road then underwent $650,000 worth of repairs. So there is a method to this. 

Sidenote: I would ask you to send me pictures of potholes -- dbartkowiak@wdiv.com -- but I realize not many of you are stopping your car, doubling back, getting out and taking pictures from the side of a busy road -- and I really do not want you to do that. Don't do it. However, if you for whatever reason happen to have some pothole pictures, do send them my way. I will share them. 

Meanwhile, tell me the worst spot(s) for potholes. It could be a specific intersection, a certain stretch, one giant pothole, a family of them or an entire road of craters. You tell me. 

Fill out the pothole survey here (Can't see it? Try here):