Metro Detroit weekend construction list: EB I-696 closed again, work on I-75, I-94

Road construction barrels in Metro Detroit (WDIV)

Here's the list of weekend construction in Southeast Michigan for August 3 - August 5, 2018.

Oakland - EB I-696 CLOSED, US-24 to I-75, Fri 8pm-Mon 5am. All EB ramps closed; M10, US24, Lahser, Evergreen, Southfield, Greenfield, Coolidge, M-1/Woodward, Bermuda/Mohawk. 
**Detour: SB M-10 to EB M-8/Davison to NB I-75 to EB 696. 
Oakland - WB I-696 Service Drive at Hoover, 1 lane open, Sat 6am-2pm. 
Oakland - WB I-696 from Coolidge to Southfield, left lane closed, Fri 9pm-Sun 9pm.
Oakland - WB I-696, US-24/Tele to I-275, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat 10pm-Sun 8am AND Sun 10pm-Mon 5am. 

Oakland - EB I-696 ramp to Dequindre, ramp closing Monday 7am-mid-Aug for concrete work.
Macomb - EB I-94 ramp to North River Rd, ramp closed, Mon-Tue 9am-3pm.
Wayne - EB I-94, W Grand to I-96, right lane closed, Fri 9pm-Sun 9pm.
Wayne - EB I-94 ramps to EB/WB I-96, ramps closed, Fri 9pm-Sun 9pm.
Wayne - NB/SB Grand Blvd ramps to EB I-94, ramps closed, Fri 9pm-Sun pm.
Oakland - NB I-75, Dixie Hwy to Davisburg Rd, left lane closed, Mon-Fri 9am-3pm.
Wayne - EB I-94 ramps to EB/WB I-96, ramps closed, Fri 9pm-Sun 9pm.
M-1: (Woodward Ave)
Oakland - NB/SB M-1, 14 Mile to Quarton, 2 lanes closed, Sat 6am-Mon 6am.
Oakland - NB/SB M-10 ramps to EB I-696, ramps closed, Fri 8pm-Mon 5am.
M-15: (Ortonville)
Oakland - NB M-15 ramp to NB I-75, ramp closed, Sat 6am-Mon 6am.
Oakland - NB/SB M-24 at Minnetonka, in Oxford, CLOSED, Sat 10am-noon.
M-39: Southfield Fwy
Wayne - SB M-39 McNichols to Ford Rd, ONLY RIGHT LANE OPEN, Fri 8pm-Mon 5am. 
Wayne - NB M-39, Ford Rd to McNichols Rd, left lane closed, Fri 8pm-Mon 5am.
Wayne - NB/SB M-39 ramps to US-12/Michigan Ave, ramps closed, Sun 7am-3pm.
Oakland - EB/WB M-59 at Cass Lake Rd, 1 lane open, Fri 4am-Sat 6pm. 
Oakland - EB/WB M-59 at Airport Rd, 1 lane open, Fri 4am-Sat 6pm.
M-85: (Fort St)
Wayne - SB M-85 under I-75, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 8pm-Mon 5am.
M-102: 8 Mile
Wayne - EB M-102 at Mount Elliott, 2 lanes open, Fri 12am-11pm.
US-24: (Telegraph)
Oakland - US-24 ramps to EB I-696, ramp closed, Fri 9pm-Mon 5am.

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