Train hits semi truck on Utica Road in Fraser

'I got hit by the train' driver said

FRASER, Mich. – A train crashed into a semi truck in Fraser, bringing down power lines and creating a huge traffic mess during rush hour.

The crash happened on Utica Road north of Groesbeck Highway after the semi truck was not able to clear the railroad tracks; as a result of the crash, live power lines came down.

The sparking power lines landed on Jeanine Dewandeler's white Dodge while she was in traffic.

"I cleared the track, the car behind be cleared the tracks," she said. "I was, like, 'Everyone behind is fine.'"

That turned out to be far from the case, especially for the driver of the semi truck.

"I got hit by the train," said Ray Meohvic, the driver of the semi.

Meohvic lived to talk about it. He was behind the wheel of the semi when police said he moved forward, but failed to clear the tracks with the trailer.

"All of (a) sudden, just hit my behind, on the trailer," he said.

The train's impact pushed the semi and the trailer into Jeanine's car and two other vehicles that were stuck in traffic. It also snapped the power lines, causing a massive explosion.

Fraser police said those trapped by the live wires did the right thing by staying where they were.

"The only time you get out of your vehicle when wires are on them is when your vehicle's on fire," said Lt. Mike Pettyes with Fraser police.

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