Map shows best, worst, average commute times around Metro Detroit in 2019

How does your normal commute compare to others around Metro Detroit?

An interactive map of data put together by shows the best and worst commutes around the U.S., with average commute times for major cities and metropolitan areas.

The map also shows how much time we'll lose making our commutes in 2019.

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"Using data from the US Census Bureau, we looked at commute times in almost 1,000 US cities. We found the average American will spend just over one week – 7.4 days – in 2019 just driving to and from work."

Here are some of the findings around Metro Detroit:

Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills area:

  • One-way: 27.6 minutes
  • Round-trip: 55.2 minutes
  • Time lost commuting in 2019: 9.31 days

Detroit-Dearborn-Livoina area: 

  • One-way: 25.2 minutes
  • Round-trip: 50.4 minutes
  • Time lost commuting in 2019: 8.5 days

Ann Arbor area:

  • One-way: 23.4 minutes
  • Round-trip: 46.8 minutes
  • Time lost commuting in 2019: 7.89 days

Monroe area:

  • One-way: 24.4 minutes
  • Round-trip: 48.8 minutes
  • Time lost commuting in 2019: 8.23 days

How to use the map

The below map is fully interactive and simple to use. If you want to see commute times in your area, just click the pin icon on the upper-left corner of the map, and it will zoom into your city (assuming you aren’t using a VPN).

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From there, simply click on the nearest shaded region on the map and you’ll see data on that area’s average daily round trip commute time in minutes as well as the total number of days you’ll likely spend commuting this year.

One note for mobile users — you may find the map tool displays better if you flip your device to display horizontally.

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