Dream job alert: For your dog! Go review all the best pet-friendly hotels

Hotels.com contest runs through Sunday

Photo by Glenn from Pexels

It’s time for your dog to stop being such a slacker. Get a job, freeloader!


But do we ever have the job to tell you about: Hotels.com has posted a "position," if you could call it that, looking for the company's first-ever “canine critic,” to review the best pet-friendly hotels around the world. Sounds really fun, to be honest!

Would your pup excel in this role? We’ll tell you more.

The contest is currently running and you can submit an entry for your pooch through Aug. 25.

“It’s now all the rage to take your furry friend on your travels, so the winning pooch (and their human) will spread their ‘bark’ and pick ten pet-friendly hotels around the world to visit, on us,” hotels.com said online.

If your dog would be ideal for this “job,” you should tag and follow @hotelsdotcom and when you throw your post into the ring, be sure to include the hashtag #CanineCritic.

Here’s a video from the company with more information.

If you win, hotels.com will contact you next month. Enter here.

You and your pup would receive 10 nights in dog-friendly hotels, in the form of 10 vouchers for up to $200 each, to be used within a year span of the win.

Now we'll include a few Instagram posts we found rather funny.

Good luck!

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